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Simple Answer is the underground techno label of Mark Verbos. Started in 1999 it is the ultimate forum for his personal music. Simple Answer records are manufactured in the European Union for the highest quality.


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mark verbos - promotional dj mix recorded in nyc december, 2003

This is the controversial DJ mix that was mislabeled "Jeff Mills & Rob Hood UR mix live at the Limelight in 1992" on several forums. Although we had nothing to do with this misinformation, we appreciate the attention from thousands of downloads. click here for a tracklist

mark verbos - live in la coruņa, spain august 7th, 2004

This DJ mix was recorded live at Carpa Dance, an outdoor "trasancos rock local social de san xiao" in La Coruņa (Northern Spain). Takaaki Itoh also played at this event.

mark verbos - live PA, Septmeber 25th, 1999

Recorded live in Mark Verbos' studio as a demo of what his live act sounds like. Obviously this is a little dated, but is presented for the sake of history. Equipment used was an Akai S-5000, Alesis MMT-8, Roland TR-909, Mackie 1202 and Boss SE-50.

mark verbos - acid live PA, April 4th, 2005

Hot on the heals of the successful, old school acid live acts played by Mark Verbos during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, this set was recorded in New York to showcase the sound of one man and Roland's masterpieces, the TR-909, TR-707, TR-808, MC-202 and TB-303. All music was improvised and recorded live to DAT. Tipping his hat to the acid revival, Mark returns to his roots at 118BPM!

mark verbos - analog hardware live PA, June 26th, 2006

A little acid, a dash of minimal and tons of noise and dub effects. After a year of touring the new/original style of live act this set was recorded in one take in Mark's Brooklyn studio. Still no pre-programming, edits or samples. The gear was all analog and the technique was improvisation. Slow and dark.